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The SmartChoice program partners with your company to craft a custom approach to the true essentials of business: saving time, cutting costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Rethink Time

  • Reduce time spent on procurement by up to 50%
  • Educate your employees on increasing office productivity
  • Do more in less time

Rethink Cost

  • Save up to $12,000 a year by single-sourcing your purchases
  • Competitive pricing to meet or beat the nationals and other vendors
  • Custom prices available on items unique to your business
  • Eliminate renegade spending with a cost containment catalog

 Rethink Carbon

  • Free, next-day local delivery
  • Single source your purchases: fewer deliveries, less CO2
  • Support a more sustainable local economy by supporting local businesses
  • Free facility tour and process evaluation to find green solutions unique to your work environment
Smart Choice

Follow Office Essentials

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