Office Essentials President’s Update

Health & Safety, Free Residential & Business Deliveries, Managing High–Demand Items & Price Control

Dear Valued Office Essentials Customer,

During this unprecedented time, we are continuously monitoring the latest news and guidelines from the CDC as well as local, state, and federal officials. As an essential provider of business, cleaning and sanitization supplies, furniture, educational materials, and technology equipment, I want to provide you with an update about the measures Office Essentials is taking to keep employees and customers healthy and safe.

Residential & Business Deliveries

Our delivery specialists are taking extra precautionary measures at all points in the delivery process, and we are making every effort to get you the supplies you need, when you need them, by:

  • We have recently implemented free residential deliveries for customers’ whose employees continue to work from home. Whether a residential or business drop-off, Office Essentials continues to provide free delivery on all orders with no minimum order size requirement. We ask that you consolidate orders when possible, as we strive to meet the needs of the maximum number of customers.
  • Our delivery teams are following heightened vehicle cleaning measures in accordance to CDC-recommended guidelines. Each delivery specialist is required to complete a wellness check each morning before leaving for work which includes a body temperature check and symptom Q&A. While on the job, each member of our delivery team wears gloves which are switched out at the end of each shift; they are required to wear a mask as soon as they exit their vehicle to make a delivery and are asked to use hand sanitizer between all delivery points.
  • Our deliveries are currently “no-contact,” unless requested otherwise, freeing customers from signatures.
  • Complying with all customer requests to change normal delivery routines and drop-off locations.

High-demand Product Management

  • Our experienced Purchasing teams are doing the very best to keep up with the increased demand for products, working urgently to keep high-demand items available for you like hand sanitizer, masks, cleaners and toilet paper, and we will update you via our webstore, workplace newsletter, and a personal email when new stock is available.
  • Unprecedented order volumes mean that we currently have a shipping backlog. If you order a product that cannot be filled immediately it will be noted on your delivery packing list and we will automatically put your product request into our back-order queue.

Price Control

  • Office Essentials will always stay true to our core values. Aside from remaining passionate about delivering exceptional service, we commit to never engaging in price gouging. We always pride ourselves on approachable prices for our customers, especially now when so many businesses are faced with “doing more with less.”
  • Our amazing Office Essentials Team, 142 strong, is dedicated to having your back in both good times and those more challenging. If you have a question, need direction, or a suggestion, start by reaching out to your dedicated Account Manager.

We appreciate the trust that you place in Office Essentials. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our employees and customers safe while providing the products and services you need to stay healthy and productive.

Stay well,
Jim Porter
President, Office Essentials

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Email us if you have any further questions.

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